With an easygoing group of people, such as the members who make up our club, we rarely find it necessary to implement rules. However, we have adopted a few basic ones that help keep wheeling safe and fun so we expect our guests to adopt their essence as well:

  • All vehicles are subject to a vehicle safety inspection as outlined by the TLCA sanctioned event requirements. All vehicles and gear will be subject to inspection prior departing the trailhead each day. Specific vehicle and equipment requirements are outlined in the 'Requirements' section below.
  • Dogs. Leave Fido at home. At this point the camp owners are standing by their "no Pets" policy. We are scrambling to find a solution and if you'd like to bring your dog, parrot or snake, let us know and we'll let you know if we are able to work something out but, for now please plan on not having your pet accompany you to this event.
  • No firearms will be allowed. They are not required for safety purposes in this area of the province and are restricted in the national park that we will be bordering and may hike into.
  • River Shiver is to be a relaxed and friendly event. Input from all participants will be solicited through the affair, however, when all is said and done, the Trailboss and Gunner designated for the group(s) by the River Shiver Organizing Committee will have the final authority on routes, order of travel, stops/length of stops distance to cover, vehicle recovery operations and all other group undertakings. Hopefully, this will not be an issue, as we will have predetermined, pre driven trails set up. Sometimes decisions need to be made while on the trail and if so, responsibility needs to fall into the hands of the local wheeler as opposed to the guest.
  • No Garbage. All activities will be conducted with an awareness of potential environmental impact and an effort to keep such impact to a minimum. We follow the principles of "Tread Lightly". NO litter, debris or trash is to be left behind at any time. Anyone caught doing so will be subject to the big ole RMLCA blanket beating.
  • No alcohol will be allowed in vehicles while on the trail. No excessive alcohol consumption will be tolerated in camp and no operation of a vehicle while under the influence of any intoxicants will be acceptable to ANY degree. Anyone caught violating this rule is subject to a good ole fashioned RMLCA blanket beating in addition to criminal prosecution. There will be ample opportunity to have a drink with friends around the bonfire when the day is over.
  • Safety. Registered participants are responsible at all times for the actions and safety of all passengers and equipment in their vehicles.




Toyota Land Cruiser Association