GIANT DISCLAIMER IN VERY TINY PRINT: If you don't want to damage your vehicle, don't take it on this event. Rocky Mountain River Shiver 2010 is as easy as possible, while still offering an enjoyable challenge. Off-road driving is inherently risky to driver, passenger, vehicle, and contents. You will probably do some type of damage to your vehicle. You and your vehicle will definitely get completely covered in snow/mud (weather dependent), both inside and out. You will be driving over ice, you may fall slightly into icy water if you break through, so you may get water in your differentials, transmission, transfer case, or engine. You will get muck inside your frame rails that you will NEVER get out. Our mud is acidic and will stain your paint if not washed off. Trees and brush along tight trails will leave small scratches in your paint, and sometimes, big scratches. Trail conditions change with the passing of each vehicle and the constantly changing weather. The nearest medical facilities are 2-3 hours away so health risks are significantly increased in the event of an accident or medical condition. If that hasn't scared you off, then you are ready for River Shiver!


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Toyota Land Cruiser Association (www.tlca.org)
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Toyota Land Cruiser Association