Accommodation & Food

The main difference between River Shiver and our RMLCA Winter Runs of years past is that we're making efforts to make our guests as comfortable as possible. Therefore, we've opted to include accommodation and food in the registration fee. However, don't get too excited. The accommodations will be very rustic - rustic in the sense that there will be no indoor plumbing, no electricity and no private rooms available. What will you get then? you may be asking. Well, heat for one. Basically, it'll be a step above a cold sleeping bag on a frozen slab of icy gravel.

One of the greatest parts of past RMLCA winter runs, in addition to the wheeling, has been the food. We often deep-fry turkeys or cook up a giant vat of chili. In any regards, this year's event is fully catered which means that we hope to provide copious amounts of good food and drink to minimize the amount of time spent preparing food on your own. It is possible that some day runs will turn into night runs and therefore, the last thing a person is going to want to do upon returning to camp is cook. Please let us know, at time of registration, of any food allergies you may have. .... We try to have one vegetable per meal to keep the washroom lineups from forming but if you are not a carnivore, then please let us know or consider packing additional vegetables to augment our meals.

Some pictures of the cabin and interior are on the right of the page




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