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Other Toy Wheels on 40s and 60s...

At 12:03 PM 4/8/97 +0000, Willem-Jan Markerink wrote:
>On  7 Apr 97 at 16:25, Rob Mullen wrote:
>> The "8-spoke" 15" aluminum wheels that came on pre-91 80 series and 86-later
>> (?) Pickups and 4Runners, have 8mm offset (~3.8" backspacing-OFFSET 8 is
>> cast into the rim) and will hit tie rod ends.  I've tried a set from an '89
>> Pickup on my '80 BJ40 and I seem to recall they hit the callipers as well.
>If your 'pre-91 80 series' points to 15" vs 16", then it should read 
>pre-93 series; ABS/Visco & 16" wheels came in 1993.

OOPS!  He's right of course! <bludgeoning my self over the head with the
ream of paper now required to print out the FAQ as pennance>

>> Unlike the "Heavy-Duty" spacers that WJM gets, I haven't seen anything but
>> cast pot-metal/aluminum spacers in North America.  They are EVIL and will
>> cause you and your loved ones no end of grief.
>To avoid confusion it might be better to refer to them as
>'replacement wheel flange' or 'wheel flange extender' instead of
>simple spacer (with no studs of their own). 
>Or is there a better English word for it? 

I don't know--doesn't intuitively sound right.  Referring to "wheel flange"
makes it sound like it attaches to the rim first! :)

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