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F2 alternate carbs/exhaust leak

>I'm looking at replacing/rebuilding the stock carb on my 1987 J60.  My 
>mechanic is estimating $400 for a complete rebuild.  Anyone have a good 
>argument for going with replacement weber or other carbs?
>Also, I'm working on removing a stubborn manifold bolt.  Any recommendations 
>as to effective penetrants? (BOLT penetrants - don't even go there).  WD-40 
>isn't doing the trick, and I don't want to break the bolt off.

We've heard several LC owners expressing great satisfaction with stock carb
rebuilds by Jim Chenowith of Ohio.  Not only are people very happy with the
work, but it comes in about half the price that you've been quoted.  Here
is the contact information that I have for Jim:

   Jim Chenoweth
   TLC Performance
   Lancaster Ohio
   TLCA & MOLC #1914
   Ph. 614.862.2604   

I haven't had a carb rebuilt by Jim personally, but everything I have heard
on the list is positive.  My brother is planning on having his 82 FJ60 carb
rebuilt as soon as he can schedule the downtime.  As always, I am not
associated with TLC Performance in any way......

- -- tim bridges
TLCA #2543
'76 FJ40, Saginaw PS, ARB Rear, T33X12.50s, Weber 38MM, OOC Distrubutor, Al tub




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