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Some Stupid Questions

> From: Chris Struempler <chris_struempler@xxxxxxx>
> Subject: Some Stupid Questions
> Date: Tuesday, March 25, 1997 11:45 AM
> Could someone explain what a spring-over and shackle reversal are, what
> they are good for, and how difficult they are to do. 
> Thanks 
> -          Chris Struempler             -

  Either no one answered  this, or my kids are deleting my mail again. 
I'll give you a real quick and dirty.  Full explanations can be found in
the archives.

Spring Over:  The leaf springs are moved from below the axle to above the
axle.  Gives about 6 inches of lift.  Major PITA and very expensive.  Ends
of the axle housing must be cut off, the housing turned up, and the ends
welded back on.  This is for proper driveshaft angle.  Steering linkage
must be modified or it will occupy the same place as the newly positioned
leaf springs.

Shackle reversal:  In a nutshell it moves the shackle on the front leaf
spring from the front of the spring to the rear.  It's more involved than
that, but you'll get the specifics in the archives. End result is much
improved ride and handling.

Jack Conrad,  BIG TOY, TLCA # 3851
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