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Well 'Cruiser experts I need your help!  My 78 FJ40 pulled into the
garage just fine, but now has no spark.  I have noticed a slight miss
over the last few days and today when I tried to start my 2F she had no
spark.  I am reading 12 volts across the ignitor assembly (factory
electronic ignition), but only five volts across the coil leads.  No
spark out of the coil.  However,(here is the strange part!) when the key
is turned back to the off position I get one good spark out of my coil
wire.  The truck has intermittently started and run twice now, but
eventually shut off by itself without starting up again.  I was told
that when the ignitor assembly goes bad that the engine will not start
at all.  Is this true?  I think I have checked everything I possibly can
and am down to jumping the ignition switch tomorrow.  If anyone has any
ideas or has had similar problems PLEASE e-mail me.  Thank you in





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