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Hydraulics et. al.

>  I must have been confused.  This Lovejoy coupling is not just a 
>buffered pulley to run a belt from the crank, but rather is some kind 
>of other arrangement?
>> I hope I haven't confused you.
>  SNAC.  Situation normal: always confused. 8-)  The 'Lovejoy' thing 
>has be weirded, but hopefully that will soon be sorted out, 


Don't let the Lovejoy thing scare you, it is just a brand name of an in
line, rubber cushioned shaft coupler. 

Imagine the following: You make a mounting bracket that sits between the
front frame rails that allows you to bolt up a hydraulic pump in front of
your cruiser with it's shaft pointing under the radiator back towards the
pulley on the crank shaft of the cruiser. The lovejoy coupling is one of
many types of in line couplings that could be used to connect the hydraulic
pump to the engine. I'm not sure this is the best way to put live hydraulics
on a cruiser, but it is similar in concept to the way it is done on most
farm tractors. 

If on the other hand you feel you want to go with a belt driven pump, don't
be discouraged as long as you can have a double belt drive. Granted it is
not the industrial strength set up as described above, but for intermittent
use to power a winch,etc. it would work just fine.

I don't know where you're located, but if you have access to a Northern
Hydraulics catalog, it shows a nice variety of pumps, valves, filters, etc.
including a belt driven pump with clutch.

Bruce Aldo




Toyota Land Cruiser Association