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Administrivia - business slams


I've waited a few days for the heat to die down before responding to this
latest round of business slamming.  It is fortunate that this sort of
activity takes place on the Land Cruiser Mailing List.  This is certainly
not the reason I started this list.

Let me preface the following information with a bit of information about
LCML.  This list was formulated by myself and made possible by the
generous programming skills of Stefan Roth (Administrator of the Off Road
Digest), with significant help from Jack Alford.(Administrator of the
Toy4x4 Mailing List).

As much as the internet is a free and open form of communication, the
Land Cruiser Mailing List is not public domain.   I am the Administrator
of LCML and I have sole control over the operation, content, and
participation in this list.  It is not a democracy, but those that know
me personally, know that I do not operate as a tyrant.

I invest a significant amount of time administrating the list so that we
all have a valuable tool for exchanging information to help each other
with our love of Land Cruisers.  This involves subscribing,
unsubscribing, changing modes, making sure we are on subject, insuring
our list doesn't get spammed, and making sure it operates properly
(remember the 2,000 repeat postings last month? Eh, Pat?) And all this
comes to you free of charge, but not free from responsibilities.

I expect us to use this list for technical help, as a means to privately
buy and sell Land Cruisers and parts, exchange stories of our Land
Cruiser experiences, and generally promote Land Cruiser camaraderie.  I
do allow businesses to participate so that they can answer questions
about their products and provide our subscribers with timely new product
information (a press release of sorts). From time to time we stray from
the subject matter or get lost in idle chit chat and I try to get us back
on track, but generally I let the list run it's course.

On any given day every company has a problem that isn't handled like the
customer would like.  This can happen with even the most well intended
company.  Having been the Editor of Toyota Trails for six years, it's my
experience from dealing with many businesses, that 99% of them aren't out
to screw a potential repeat customer.  The other 1% don't understand
customers or business and usually aren't around very long anyway.

I didn't intent this list to be use as an electronic poison pen for
venting one's frustrations with parts and service companies.  This is not
intended to mean I don't want subscribers to post factual information
concerning a business that is routinely shafting customers.  I know I'd
like to know about this kind of company.

But too often I see postings that convey nothing of substance and in
essence say "so and so sucks, don't do business with them," or "someone
told me that XYZ company screwed their friend."  I find this of little
value and do not care to see the list used in this way.  Contrary to what
some have suggested this list is not primarily a sounding board for
opinion, with fact as a byproduct.  Although opinions are often offered
it is the facts that are the substance.

At the risk of being "Big Brother" I am amending the rules and conditions
of this list.  Complaints about businesses will no longer be allowed to
be posted except under the following conditions.

<paraindent><param>left</param>The complaint will be specific and

The complaint must be first hand knowledge and not hearsay.

The complaint cannot be posted until the company in question has had an
adequate chance to resolve the problem.

The complaint must be submitted to the LandCruisers-request@xxxxxxxx
address and will be forwarded to the list if it adheres to the above.


I realize that I'm not addressing every aspect of this issue but I am
always available at tlcaedit@xxxxxxxxxx if you have questions or specific
comments about this or any policy of the Land Cruiser Mailing List. 
Please do not flame the list over this or you could be unsubscribed and
blocked from posting.  





Toyota Land Cruiser Association