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Tire size and wheel width?

> The larger contact area the 10 inch rim provides is exactly
> what you want in the snow.  I have put many hundreds of miles on
> 35x12.50x15 BFG A/Ts mounted on 10 inch rims in the snow at anywhere from 2
> to 10 PSI and have never lost the bead.  In the dirt I would usually run
> them between 15 and 20 PSI on the same rims.  Again, with no ill effects.

Definitely depends on what you're running and how you drive. I had 33's
on 10" rims and they did great in deep sand, and am sure they'd have
done good in snow as well though snow threatens south Georgia precious
little. Perhaps I could have run them lower than the 15psi I stayed at.
But with the same tires and rims in the rough rocks and mud and logs and
such I was catching the rim lip and bending it rather frequently as it
was far less protected.

I now run 8" rims with 36x12.50s and can run lower pressure and have a
better protected rim. I air down to 5psi and will go lower when I get a
better guage.

My 10" rims had to have spacers up front to clear the calipers, as well.

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Chase Gregory
'83 FJ60 - ARB Bullbar, 32's, nerfs, full roofrack...
'69 FJ40 - Saginaw P/S, 4" lift, 36's, locked, full cage, 9k PRO PLUS,
caddy air...




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