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Rubicon in the winter...

Our wagon cruisin' buddy from North Pole AK wrote:

I usually delete most of the note I'm replying to, but that one is just TOO
GOOD to cut!  OK Pete, maybe I will try the Rubicon someday.  Speaking of
which...in the fall of 95 a guy from ARBUSA came to Iceland and did a
little day trip with us.  We BS'd a lot and the talk shifted to snow and
Rubicon.  He said a couple of groups have attempted it in the winter but
couldn't make it because of the deep snow.  Now then, these were guys
sitting on 33s.  You've been there, and you know how to get through the
snow.  What do you think?  Can we do it in the winter?  Seems the snow
should be fairly wet/ pack well.  Assuming there are no slide areas what
would stop a properly equipped group?  Sounds like fun to me!


Jack & All:

Now don't get me wrong....I am not saying it is impossible, but its pretty
close. The trail is preety steep and narrow in a few places, and the snow
fall is pretty deep (18ft plus right now). Now this isn't the kind of
wheelin that I have seen in my limited glimpse of Iceland style wheelin'
(but I like the rigs that have radar so they can make it back in
snowstorms!). This is not wide open tundra, but in places, steep, off
camber, and there still are big chunks of granite protruding.

I haven't been wheelin for as long as others on the list, and I don't live
as close to the Rubicon as say Gary B. our esteemed moderator/editor. I
would like to hear from him on this issue.

What I do know is this: It is a point of pride to be the first club to
break trail and make it through from Loon Lake to Tahoe. It ain't easy
either. It might be easier in the dead of winter, but a couple of years
ago, we tried to make it through in early April. A few of the obstacles we
encountered included:

coming around a bend, riding mostly on the trail base, and going into the
shadows and finding a vertical wall of snow 14ft high.

Getting up on said snow, going 200 yards, and then having a rig fall in 6
feet deep because of the water running underneath the snow pack undermining
it. Said rig was nose down, damn near vertical with passengers panicking.

Extracting that rig.

Using our 2 chain saws to cut 6 huge pines across the trail, using same
saws to cut ramps into snow banks, using all of the gas mix for both saws.

Using almost every drop of gas that we had.

Spending 3 days getting a mile and a half past little sluice, and having to
turn around.

Explaining to my wife why I was going to be 2 days late coming home.

We had fun, but I was soaked to the bone for 2 days, and it took me a week
to recover my strength. We did so much digging, strapping, winching,
cutting that we were all exhausted. I didn't see any slides, but it would
be very tough, even in a rig prepped for deeeeeeeep snow. Most of us were
running aired down 35's.

Guess we'll try again this year.......

Anybody else go in in winter or try to break trail in the spring?????


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