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Local 4wheeling

Colin LFrom landcruisers-errors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Thu Feb  6 18:26:14 1997
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Charles N. Horton wrote:
> Guys,
>    I brought my Cruiser up to school in Boston and I'm concerned that those
> classic good looks will attract the wrong sort of attention. It does have
> an alarm and a Club, but the alarm is not terribly reliable and the Club is
> said to be rather easily defeated. What have you other listers who park in
> urban areas done to protect your Cruisers? (and no, 80 acres out in the
> middle of nowhere is not a valid option for me ;)
>    Specifically, I was considering a fuel pump cut-out operated by a relay
> with a hidden switch. Has anyone tried this? Or should I just pull the
> battery? The Cruiser generally sits for 4 days at a time and I use it on
> weekends, so it's not a big deal if I have to spend five or ten minutes
> re-assembling it before I start out.
> Thanks in advance...
> Chuck.

	If you check into a propane shop the have an electric fuel cut off
switch which is a $17.00 Cdn charge plus the fittings.  If I remeber
correctly it is called a model 121.

Gavin Shafer
'78 FJ40 Friendly Persuasion
earning wrote:
> Hi Gavin,
> I just read your note on the TLC Page.  I've recently moved to Red Deer
> from Kelowna.  Needless to say I'm going through a little withdrawal.  I
> have a fairly done up Toyota Pickup (33's, lockers, 4.3 chev.), and am
> looking for some good 4x4ing trails.  If you know of anywhere out west of
> here or if you ever go out west, please let me know.  I've heard that they
> used to hold a Jeep Jamboree west of Edmonton somewhere,  do you know where
> it is or what its like.
> Thanks.
> Colin Learning
> clearning@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> If you ever need a 4x partner let me know, I'm always looking for a
> challange.

	As the story goes on the last jamboree that a Land Cruiser was aloud
in:  The J**p guys where being all hoity toity!  Then as they climbed a
hill it began to rain and get sloppy, one by one the HEEPS got stuck. 
The Land Cruisers after being told that if a J**P could do it a Land
Cruiser surely couldn't clear the hill, climbed the hill and left the
jepps on the hill.  Again acouple of years later the J**PS did the same
thing and this time with no Land Cruisers to help them.  Need less to
say, the Jeeps spent 3 days on the hill waiting for the weather to dry
enough for them to go home crying.  Land Cruiser are still not aloud to
go and embarrass the J**PSTERS.

Gavin Shafer
'78 FJ40 Friendly Persuasion




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