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At 08:20 PM 1/25/97 -1000, LCML-Request wrote:
>Personal Bio Info
>POST TO THE LIST ONLY >> LandCruisers@xxxxxxxx
>Name:  Peter B. McIntyre
>City & State: Agana, Guam
>Country: (contrary to what you've heard) USA <g>
>E-mail address: petermc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Land Cruiser(s) year & model:

> 83 FJ60 "The Beast"

>Are you a TLCA Member : Soon to be, already requested info packet
>Age: >25 <35
>Occupation: Senior Account Manager, POS & Front Office systems
>Marital Status: Usually Married ;)

Backyard mechanics, computers, Testing The Beast's power
>How did you find out about the Land Cruiser Mailing List:

Searched Yahoo for Land Cruiser
>General info about your vehicle, self, etc.:

I bought the LC last year. The Beast is in excellent shape mechanically (the
previous owner never went 4-wheelin' with it. The body is starting to rust
(especially the gutter above the rear window) and the speedomoter reads
103,000 miles. I am looking for a 3" spring lift to replace the sagging
stock - (Then my 33s will not rub! :) ) and welcome any suggestions. I'm
also looking into putting springs on the top of the axle.

The Beast is my first 4X4. Prior to, I owned a Corvette and still own a
Kawasaki ZX1000. Because of the Typhoons we get out here (people on the east
coast call em hurricanes), I wanted something to get me around when the
water level rose and the roads were strewn with rocks.

Email if you have any questions or comments.





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