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$1650 FJ-40 For Sale.

I posted this message about 2 hours previous but it never showed up.  My 75
fj-40 that was previously posted on here is still for sale but the
description has changed.  I had a water pump put on it and apparently it was
refilled with water.  Well, it has been real cold around here and now the
water and oil is mixing.  It will turn over and crank.  It would make an
excellant V8 conversion.  I have several hundred dollars in new parts on it
(brakes, brake master cyl, rebuilt wheel cylinders, starter, alternator,
water pump, wires, header gasket, etc.)  It is yellow and has 98k miles, I am
asking 1650 or whatever and it is in King, NC (near Winston Salem).  My home
phone number is (910) 985-3133.  I need to sell bad and quickly so hurry!

Joe Turpin




Toyota Land Cruiser Association