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wrong tool for the job! (was RE:funny!?)

>Grinding off the old motor mounts in prep for putting in a 350.  Gloves?
>Why use gloves?  It's only gonna take a minute or so.....Ever seen what
>the bone looks like in your left index finger??

Actually... yeah.  But I didn't do it working on the Cruiser.  I was on a
step stool inside my house changing a light bulb in a chandelier-- a small
chandelier, but nevertheless with a lot of glass.  I must have been
daydreaming about an NV4500 or something, because all of the sudden I lost
balance and fell, putting my hand through the chandelier on the way down.
Broke 5 out of 8 glass panels.  Besides the kegs of blood I was losing, I
could see right down to the bone.  Funny thing is, it didn't hurt at all.
Too bad I didn't learn my lesson-- I was thinking about my dream tranny
just a few minutes ago...

- -Zayd Allebban




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