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What price

As you all know, I'm parting out my old 79 FJ 40.  A guy in Georgia
lunched his 2F and we're trying to figure out how to sell him mine. 
Luckily, he's close enough to come get it.  My dilemma is how do I price
it.  Specter wants 1900 for a used one and recommends ya reseal it. 
What would be a fair price(both ways) for:

1.  Short block	
2.  Long block

The motor had the first oversize lower end rebuild about 40000miles ago
and has a total of about 135000 miles on it.  It also boils down to
keeping it should I lunch my 1980.  Everyone knows that the day I sell
my spare, I'll break the other.  All thoughts considered thanks.

Rich Daniels tlca2708 80FJ40
Marco Island FL sunny and 80

Also Has anyone ever adapted the FJ40 front disks to the rear drums. 
I've been staring at it and daydreaming since I have the parts.




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