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Radiator Kaput input

Greetings Fellow Cruiseroids!
My latest problem to address; I have from time to time read some postings on
radiators and  have yet to come up with an affordable solution. I must stress
affordable! Has there been a general concensus reached yet as to the best
source, (and again cheapest), method of curing my radiator blues? I've had
mine rebuilt with only very temporary success, Frankly I'm tired of Crusin'
down the trail/road with my wipers slinging off the coolant spray, one eye
glued to the temp guage, the other eye watching the dollar bills squirt out.
My old stock ''71 FJ-40 radiator used to be quite adequate back in the old
days, it did fine cooling the GMC 350, but I'm afraid it's scrap salvage time
now. I need at least a stock type radiator or better. Who has found the best
for the cheapest? I know this is probably a faq, but I missed out.
Thanks Folks for suggestions.
Nick Nichols          MyChevota@xxxxxxx




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