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At 01:26 PM 1/5/97 Wes Worek  wrote:

>Thanks to everyones input on the gelling of diesel fuel. With the talk of
>home heating fuel as a substitute and other mixes, what do the different
>cetane ratings mean to the fuel? I cannot tell the difference in economy
>between 40, 50 and 52cetane. Also do most of you with diesels in cold areas
>have block heaters? I used to live in Gunnison Colorado where the=
>at night was easily 20 to 60 below 0 F. Even with a block heater and=
>sometimes it was a rough start. The diesel I wouldn't even think of=
> without being pluged in. =20

With glow plugs in good working condition 20 below shouldn't be a problem
for a Cruiser with good compression, Our 60 starts at that temperature on a

Below -30 it's about a 50/50 chance of it starting unless it has been
plugged in for a minimum of 4-6 hours. The addition of electric battery
blankets (we have a dual battery 24 volt system) and possibly an oil pan
heater would certainly guarantee starts in any temperature.

Another note on burning home heating oil is where your tank is located, I
don't know if it is still practiced but when I was a teenager I worked for
an oil company and we had different grades of oil based on the tank being
inside the house or outside.

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