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Get back to work

andylit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>What the heck is with all these posts this afternoon?
>Don't you guys have jobs?


>Quit playing with your computers and get back to work.

Some of us are software engineers are working; and merely keeping 
the blood flowing to our typing fingers while we waiting for our
painfully slow computers (like the 128M dual 70MHz SuperSparc on my 
desk) to finish our builds and test-suites.  At other times, we're
thinking about complicated designs, have all the rainbow colored
diagrams we need on our white board, and are doing the same exercises
while we contemplate The Right Way to solve the problem.

>(grumble, grumble, mutter, mutter, these kids today, I just don't know)

As a side note, quite a few people at my company have observed that the
over-thirty crowd is a lot less conservative than the under-thirty crowd;
although as we've grown, everyone became more conservative and switched
their summer footwear from barefoot to Berkinstocks or Tevas (I'm hoping 
that's due to the hot, gravel covered asphalt parking lot between our 
first and second buildings, and not something more insidious).

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