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[3FE] Re: Transfer Case Rebuild

Funny how things work out...

What Rodney says here..."Disconnect the Low/High Linkage LEAVING the 
leaver on the shaft that leads into the transfer."

That is a really important step.  Didn't do it on mine and this 
weekend when we were getting the whole thing back together the shaft 
slipped back down into the transfer case...

Needless to say not to happy of a time there.  After resigning 
ourselves (Andrew is STILL THE MAN btw)to taking apart the transfer 
we took off the PTO cover.  GOOD THING I bought a Macnamara gear, 
because if the PTO gear was still in there I dont think we would 
have been able to wiggle a LONG screwdeiver over to the other side 
of the transfer case and push up the shaft enough to get ahold of it 
to attach the linkage.

So follow what Rodney says here....


--- In 3FE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "extreme_trans" <rodney@xxxx> wrote:
> Hi it's Rodney here from Wholesale Automatic Transmissions, You 
> take it apart piece by piece as it can't be simply bolted of the 
> transmission, there is 3 internal bolts that hold the forward half 
> of the transfercase onto the transmissions extension Housing 
> (Adaptor).
> Leave the cross member in the Cruiser. In some case you might need 
> to remove it if it helps with the angle of the dangle. ( I hope 
> yanks know what that means ).
> Remove the rear drive shaft.
> Drain the oil from the transfer.
> Remove the PTO or PTO Cover Plate.
> Remove all the 14mm and 17mm bolts around the outer edge of the 
> transfer.
> Disconnect the Low/High Linkage LEAVING the leaver on the shaft 
> leads into the transfer. ( Might be better just to leave the whole 
> link and harm assembly on and disconnect it from the front 
instead ).
> Disconnect the Speedo cable.
> Disconnect the Breather.
> Disconnect the 12mm bolt and small retainer plate that you see 
> holding the main transfer shaft in place. Transfer shat being the 
> shaft in the middle of both the transmission output shat and rear 
> drive shaft. Take note of the angle that the shaft was sitting at 
> OK: Now it's time to wiggle and using the rubber mallet start 
> to separate the two half's, There going to be suborn so it's going 
> to take a bit to separate. You might even need to knock the main 
> transfer shaft in a bit as you go to make sure that it stays with 
> the front half of the transfer for now. The rear half is more than 
> manageable to handle by one person.
> Once apart remove the transmissions output nut, washer, PTO, 
> and transfer drive gear.
> Remove the transfer gear, bearings and shaft.
> Remove the Vacuum lines running to the 2x4, 4x4 shifting unit just 
> above the front drive shaft on the transfer. Take note of which 
> went where or it will work backwards when put back together.
> Remove the last remaining 3 17mm bolts holding the front half of 
> transfer onto the transmission.
> Remove the front section of the transfer from the transmission.
> The rest is your problem. You know every now and then you spend a 
> lot or time helping someone out only to realize that you have just 
> told the world that transmissions aren't the only thing that I do, 
> should learn to shut up some times!
> Regards
> Anonymous Person that knows nothing about transfer cases!
> - In 3FE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "cruznben88fj62" <cruznben88fj62@xxxx> 
> wrote:
> > Hello All,
> > Is there anyway possible to remove the T-Case for a rebuild
> > without having to drop the hole tranny. Im a solo act on this 
> > project and also lack a proper tranny jack. Any suggestions
> > on how to pull this off will be helpful.
> > Thanks a lot.
> > 
> > Ben.

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