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Re: [3FE] gas sending unit leaking-Update

Thanks Mitch.  This  88 is so much rustier underneath than mine but all the bolts came off without a hitch except for the hi pressure gas line which broke at the connection to the rubber hose, and that one tube connector.   I love Kriol. I just got the fuel pump assembly out. I had to use  vice grips to to remove the screws. They came right out after an over night soaking.
 I'll let you know off list if I am going to need that tube connector.  I need to check things out first. I'll let you know by Monday night. I am in no rush. That gas tank isn't going anywhere until Paul comes home. I'll tell Paul you said to have fun. I am sure he will.
Good news I just called my Toyota dealer with my discount the fuel pump assembly part is less than $60.00. Also with this 2nd Land Cruiser I won't feel under pressure to give Paul mine. My wife is already claiming this new truck when winter weather comes. Which Paul isn't real happy about. though he knows it will be his as soon as he has a job and can afford it. And some day he'll have mine as a parts vehicle.

"Mitch V. Rowland" <mitch@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Kroil up those two rusty lumps on either side of the lines that go through the inner fender. Then open your pass. side interior panel and unbolt the piece with all the tubes. I had the exact same thing on my 62. I ordered a replacement from Cruiserparts, but then I landed that wrecked 60, and the one from the 60 was in a little better shape than the other. It's yours if you want it. As someone posted a short while ago, there is also supposed to be a sheild covering those connections. Mine was dust. John Hocker can hook you up.
Tell Paul to remember to have fun at school this semester. Think he needs to be reminded? ;o)

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