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Re: [3FE] A440F Origins - Rodney?

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1st used in Dana buses and trucks, I have several toyota publications that state this, scaner is dead or I would scan em
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Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2004 6:00 AM
Subject: [3FE] A440F Origins - Rodney?

Hello Rodney!
You have made the statement that the A440F is a heat monster several times and I am curious as to why. Do you know what the A440F was originally developed for use in? I've heard that it was for a 2-1/2 ton bus of some sort but would like to know, definitively, what it was first used in by Toyota, or anybody else for that matter. If it was made for a large bus, why then does it create so much heat in our "little" trucks? Thanks!
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Subject: [3FE] Re: Transmission Cable Adjustments -AT-Heat

Hi it's Rodney here from Wholesale Automatics.  The cable does not
normally have anything to do with over heating.  The A440F
transmission to my knowledge is the all time champion in regards to
over heating.   <snip> 

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