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Re: [3FE] Parts washer

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Roanoke has a 'bring us your really bad stuff' days a couple of times during the year.  I take them old paint cans, batteries, and, of course, my old mineral spirits from my parts washer.    It seems to work the best and is fairly inexpensive compared to the organic products.
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Sent: Monday, June 28, 2004 5:59 PM
Subject: [3FE] Parts washer

OK, so I've had it with not having a parts washer, this last super icky knuckle job pushed me over the edge. Question I have for ya: how do you dispose of the fluid when it gets too contaminated? Have you ever tried Castrol Super Clean as a cleaning agent? We use a product here at school called Agitene, but it's pretty expensive, around $60 for 5 gallons and you don't dilute it.
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BTW, the parts washer at the Bash was a very recent upgrade from my little Northern one. Again Northern, best buy I found, $80. It also has legs and a shelf, but I have no place for another freestanding tool. I just set it on the bench where I had the little one. Good fluid is the key, check out Resto-Motive's (makers of POR 15) Marine Clean. Best I've found. Seemed to perform fine, but a heated one would still be nice! Hmmm, where did I put that old block heater...

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