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[3FE] New cruiser owner-New trans lines

I would take FullAutoRodney’s advice and just make your own tranny lines with a few barbed fittings and the appropriate size rubber trans hose.  Getting used ones from New Hampshire may not get you very far before rust sets in again.

Wrap & zip tie some larger hose around them if you want the soft lines to be “armored”.




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Bummer. Was your mouth closed?

Cruiserparts.net can probably hook you up with both the lines and the tire winch. If you get stuck on the winch, I probably have one I can part with. Better yet, don't put the tire back down there! That's what I'm doing...



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Well, the tire holder is out.  I took off the ENTIRE assembly by undoing the 4 bolts that hold the bar and everything to the vehicle frame!  Then it came out by simply turning it so the ends of the bar would not catch on the frame.  I gotta say though that all that stuff is heavy!  Then while I was attempting to free the tire from it all, the chain that held it in place broke.  I guess it was just so rusty it couldn't deal with the added stress of poking and prodding.  However one triumph is always followed by a failure.  I took a look at the leaky hoses, and it just looked to me like the dripping was coming from one of the connections.  Tighten it right?  No.  The instant the wrench touched rust, the entire thing spun off and fluid came pouring out.  Not good.  I guess I'm back to driving my cavalier to work tomorrow. 



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