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Re: [3FE] Re: 80 series windshield leak

Seems to be a chronic thing on Cruisers. I have now had five FJ6* bodies through my shop. Every one has had wet/rust/holes in this lower corner. In fact, I will be patching my DS corner on my 1989 FJ62 either today or tomorrow. I will also be having my auto glass guy reinstalling with a full bedding of sealant. Get it taken care of...I cut and patched my drivers side floorboard yesterday! That carpet padding and footrest really hold the water. I do not see any evindence of leaking gutters, but I will be doing this step anyway.
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Subject: [3FE] Re: 80 series windshield leak


My 80 leaked (ok, leaks; I haven't fixed it yet) from the windshield.
After a heavy rain I can see water pooling on the inside of the
gasket on both the driver and passenger side corners. Maybe that's
what you've got?


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> So that's where that bl**dy leak comes from! An 80, right?
> Bernie

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