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[3FE] Re: Sliding Rear Windows how are they fixed?

I forgot that Yahoo has stripped all attachments from their archives 
(bastards, but, what do you want for nothin', a rrrrrrubber biscuit?) 
so took a couple of digi pics this evening and forwarded the files to 
work where I can attach them in Outlook tomorrow. I still haven't 
figured out how to attach files through the Yahoo interface. As long 
as you are getting the list in e-mail or digest form the picture 
files will come through. 

--- In 3FE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Mitch Rowland" <mitch@xxxx> wrote:
> Thanks Steve, I'm almost convinced enough to pull out the credit 
> card...
> I, too, am amazed at modern adhesives. I have no doubt that 
> would hold them in place perfectly. I am, however, concerned about 
> the appearance from the outside. Am I correct that they are 
> on the outside with just caulk? Or did you find something at a 
> shop to work? I'm a moron with auto glass, and have the broken 
> windsheilds to prove it! I am fortunate that I have a neighbor that 
> works as an installer for the biggest auto glass place around. I 
> on calling him to remove the Tank's glass and reinstall after the 
> body work. Think I should just buy some sliding windows and have 
> come up with the install details? 
> I previously searched the archives and followed the threads on 
> I have just searched again, but found no photos. Any chance you 
> could...


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