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RE: [3FE] Re: Back to T-case inquiries....

> Couple questions:  I saw an archive post about the rear shaft pilot
> bearing...did you replace it?  How did you get it out?...and did it just
> tap back in?

In my typically anal-retentive overkill mode, yes I replaced it. I didn't
even attempt to pull it out, I just stopped at a local tranny shop with the
shaft in hand, and asked if they could get it out. They pulled it out with a
pilot bearing tool, handed it back to me in a couple of minutes, no charge.
I tapped the new one in with a plastic faced mallet and a socket.

> There is a shim b/t the front case and tranny, one inside the rear
> output shaft rear retainer, and a snap ring on the rear output shaft(I
> think)....the book mentions different sizes(thickness) of these shims for
> setting spacing and bearing preload....did you find it necessary to
> replace any of these?

One thing I did was carefully label each part as it came out, some of them
with little hang tags. The FSM shows you the acceptable preload torque on
the output shaft, which I checked with an old 3/8" beam-style torque wrench
after putting everything back together exactly as it came apart, except with
new bearings. All was within the spec, so I didn't have to replace the



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